Logette is me, Lisa Occhipinti, an exhibiting artist, published author, writer and designer. I have been working professionally in the fine art world as well as the design arena for more than twenty years, and though my creative pursuits are many, they quite naturally intertwine, serve and source one another.

The relationship I have with each client is considered pure collaboration. I work to understand your needs and who you are so that I write in your voice and create in your vision. A commitment to your creed is balanced with a fresh perspective, and that means there is nothing we can not accomplish.

When working with Logette you are working with someone who not only can glide around Photoshop, craft a succinct paragraph and find the perfect font, but someone who understands what makes the ideal shade of green, has published two books of her own and has studied at the Louvre.


What is logette?
When I was a little girl there was an A-frame playhouse in the backyard that I staked as my own. I would spend full summer days in there lost in my papers, pencils and books, drawing, writing and reading until fall folded into winter. Then beneath icicles, I waited for spring so I could return to my sanctuary.

Logette is a French word meaning a secet hideaway, a private retreat. And that is where I go when I work, I plunge into that A-frame frame of mind and create with color and words, shape and light, image and pattern.


logettestudios@gmail.com   |   310 691 4775